Welcome to Blockface

Blockface is a brand new community of fresh and innovative minded people. We have an interesting and unique mechanism. Most importantly, we like to keep things fresh. New features are added all the time and we never stops improving. We have tons of features that separate us from a lot of Minecraft servers out there! We are founded back then in 2011 and have rebooted several time.

Joining the server for the first time

To get started, you can connect to our Minecraft server:


Once connected you can claim a plot and start building immediately!

/plot auto

By default, everyone will be able to claim 1 plots, you can get a second plot in the /shop. Your thirds plot and onward will be free and unlimited! You just need to make a request here.

Getting more commands and permissions

Here at Blockface, you can earn almost every commands and permissions for free. They are available to buy at the /shop. You need ©Coins to buy something from the shop.

There is many ways you can earn coins:

  1. Voting
    Voting is the easiest way to earn consistent coins everyday. There is multiple sites you can vote at and they are listed here. You can earn up 8-12 coins per vote sites depending on the sites up to a maximum of 50 coins a day.
  2. Being Online
    By just being online, you will be rewarded 2 coins per hour to spend in the Shop.
  3. MCF Application
    Reply our Minecraft Forums thread here with your username, We will send you 20 Coins as a reward.
  4. Register at Blockface Forums
    Create your account here at Blockface forums (The register button is on top right corner). You will be rewarded 20 Coins thereafter.

That’s it! Its plain and simple.
If you need help, feel free to ask the Staff members or visit our Help center.
If you encounter any problem in game but couldn’t talk to a Staff do /tc to open a ticket.