Plugin Suggestions

2mrmann here, thought I’d give some plugin suggestions for the creative server.

1st, A brewery plugin

This allows players to make alcoholic drinks and non-alcoholic drinks and is completely customizable. This plugins introduces a new way of brewing through, cauldrons, brewing stands, and barrels. It also comes with new realistic effects including potion effects, staggering, and influenced chat (shuffles letters and adds burps) and may even make you faint if you had too much to drink.

Good Reason to Add:
Very customizable, you can customize how a player is influenced, the drinks, the effects, etc.
Gives players something to do/make
Gives a nice roleplay environment

Reasons to consider:
Might not be great for children but it is customizable, so you can take alcohol out and maybe make something like Cola or Tea.
Not super complex, but may confuse some players. Guides may need to be issued.

Plugin 2: Chairs Plugin

This is a pretty good plugin and it allows people to sit on stairs forming chairs, nothing simple just left click the stair like it was a Minecraft and voila, your sitting.

Reasons to Add:
Great for roleplaying
Looks very nice
Gives people a reason to put more detail in builds

Reasons Not to Add:
Well they can usually sit on any stair although its easy to get out and its really not a big problem.

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Welcome @2mrmann :slight_smile: !

Chair was in top of our wish-list, It has been added.
As for brewery. We used to have it installed and removed for some reason (It’s a long time ago I don’t remember why) But I’ll have to look into it.