FreeBuild World Closed temporarily

Updates: We have decided to close down the Free Build world for the time being? Why? The answer is simple. The free build world get trashed on a weekly basis. People all over the internet who connected with hacked client spawn and manipulate illegal NBT data which causes anyone to load the chunk crashes. This is not very sustainable for us (As we have to fix the world weekly) or legit players who will be greatly inconvenienced by the regular closing. This is different than Plot, where we are able to control almost all variables (therefore eliminating any problems that could affect anyone). Since the Free Build world crash, we have implemented a fix to NBT crash chest, exploit, etc. (Which works in plot, but not very effective in Free build).
Until we found a good solution for this, The Freebuild world will be closed for the time being.
We might instead restrict access to Freebuild world (e.g. for people who applied or a qualified member), but we will have to see how it goes, since the community is very small at the moment.
If you have any questions feel free to ask below.

Original Message below:

Recently If you joined Free Build world you will get kicked out with a message similar to this:

 Internal Exception: net.minecraft.server.v1_15_R1.PacketEncoder$PacketTooLargeException: PacketTooLarge - PacketPlayOutMapChunk is 2205120. Max is 2097152

If you google such error, you would not found many of these issues. There are currently some possible cause:

  • A player spawned some item hacked NBT
  • Abused in-game maps
  • Massive amount of Heads/Bees

The world will be taken offline and get the chunk analyzed. Until further notice the FreeBuild world will be closed for public.

There is no ETA since I have been having problem with Internet outages myself. But as soon as possible.