Eco Suggestions

So I think the eco works at it is right now. However if anymore additions were to be made it needs a rework.

For example, if upgrade able plots were to be a thing here are my additions and suggestions.

A) Make plots 100% upgrade-able - This would reduce the damage a player or new player can have on the server. It would also let players only upgrade what they want, and the eco would defiantly change from being something that is needed.

Upgrade Ideas -

Vehicle limit - the default could be 4 but to get 16 it would require 75 coins and 250 for 64.

Misc limit - the default could be around 32-64 with an upgrade or two doubling and tripling this limit has item frames and armor stands are very useful to builds for detail. Deafult --> 100 coin upgrade --> 300 coin upgrade

pvp and pve flags - This would allow players to set their plot to pvp and non-pvp plots. This is a minor but very useful upgrade for people who want pvp on their plot andplayers who don’t maybe a small 30 coin fee for this?

Greeting and farewll flags - This would allow players to have their own greeting and farewell flags, I’d make this upgrade a high price just for the fact that people could use this to be naughty but would provide players with a feeling of the plot.

Ok now for some of the other changes

Unlock Gamemode 12 for 1d --> 8 for 1d
Unlock Gamemode 250 for Perm

I want this change because this stifles a lot of creativity and role play abilities. And while the price is manage able this means a builder who is making something with armor stands and world edit might not be able to pvp with his friends? Why not? Additionally, I think this is something even non-donators should have perm because this just allows creative servers to have things like mini games, pvp tourneys, and fun role play experiences.

Unlock Hat for 8 for 1d --> 120 for Perm or a much longer time

This is an item you use once a while and honestly doesn’t deserve to be used for a day. it’s more of a cosmetic item then something you really use for creative so I think it either goes permantly Premium OR made for a longer time than 1 wk for a higher cost. It’s just not that good

Armor Stand GUI 8 for 1d --> 12 for 1d
This feature is very useful for making custom stuff and is very nice for holograms, statues, and just many more things than that. Especially when a lot of prices are becoming cheaper this is a safe bet to nerf early before people start getting mad about it.

/pweather non existiant -> 150 for perm
/ptime 12 for 1d -> 150 for perm

From my understanding, this changes the plot weather and plot time, if its personal, id keep it where it is. However, this lead to mood setting and which is nice for plots and mini-games, and also for roleplaying. As much as its a cosmetic change it really does make your plot better in some cases which is why I think this should be a perm plot upgrade.

In addition, I think donors should be able to get some/all the plot upgrades for free and the abilty to get the 2nd plot BUT not the 400 coins because…

I think you should be able to pay people coins with /pay (or some other means)

With all these eco changes paying people would be very nice. For one you could host prizes to competitions and pay people for help with a build. It also makes the eco dynamic and helps people who need the upgrades get money for them especially the plot upgrades as ideas should not be limited. Also, this would make head shops/potion shops/rare item shops/ what ever shops def worth making. there could be some downsides to this but honestly everything that would bring bad could be avoided with some extra eco rules.