A transcript of my new novel, (WIP)

this is JUST a transcript so dont comment about how crappy it is
Hi, i’m pianobricks, the only Hunter class personnel at Endetwatch. O.K. enough intro already! You picked this book for action, right? Oh you’re gonna get action!
One day, I was meant to be running an overworld recon mission When I heard a notice through my comlink “PIANO, REPORT TO BASE IMMEDIATELY!” and I heard the sounds of combat from the other side of the comm line, Alrea screamed at me “THE BUTTON, PRESS THE BUTTON YOU WERE TOLD NOT TO PRESS!” I pressed it and I returned to the ender world. Alrea appeared before me as I arrived. She said “Too late,” she said, “Golden was forced into the Void as soon as you arrived here.”. I yelled curses in Japanese, as many as I knew, cursing the way that Golden had fallen, cursing the enemy, and cursing Tommy specifically, he was the one who had used his weapon to destroy Golden. I passed out once I made it to my bunk. When I woke up, I paged Golden out of sheer hope that he had found The Far Lands, he answered “Hey kid, how ya doing?” i said “wait a minute, YOU’RE ALIVE?!?!?!?! WHY DIDN’T YOU PAGE ME?” that shushed him. I then ran to Alrea and said “Alrea, ma’am! Golden’s alive, ALIVE! Tell Tommy he failed, AGAIN.”. She just gave me a look like “say WHAT???”. I told her the truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing but The Truth about what happened to Golden, she then yelled at me that i was lying and sent me to the punishment room for testing to see if I was lying. I came out negative and was then told to speak my argument to co-general JohnGamez87. I paged Golden and posted it out on the basewide intercom “um hello? Piano, you on the comm?” I said “ Yeah, I’m on,” he said, “WHY AM I ON THE BASE WIDE INTERCOM?!” I replied that I put him on to prove that he still even existed. He hung up the comm line. Alrea walked up to me and said “well I thank you personally for proving the continued life of General Golden. But I cannot accept the lengths you went to prove it to us.”. She said it was an insult to her reputation! She then punished me by forcing me to go to the enemy base.

 I had run to the base and executed the instruction given to me when I arrived Tommy nearly ordered a strike on me until I said “I am a friend and Endercast!”. Endercast means a cast- out Enderwatch agent/unit that took the cast away from the Enderwatch ranks personally. Tommy said “O.K. so let’s remove their scum from this world!”. I then said, “oh J.K.! you are so gullible, you’re so gullible that I would be surprised if you even took Golden out in the first place! Also, um, he’s not gone,” he then cast me away with a single arrow.
        The next day, I returned to Enderwatch in a containment cell and placed in the “traitor to Enderwatch” chamber when there was an attack signal. I was released on the condition that I would be released permanently if I could prove myself in battle then I would be released. I was given standard- issue Hunter equipment and enchants(which by the way;are pretty good). I was paged by Golden, he said that he would come up, I said “NOW WOULD BE FINE,  THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!”, that bolted him up. He then said, “oh, piano, I thought you were going to be sentenced to the standard for disobeying orders,”, I then told him what happened . me and him ran this way and that dodging and striking, parrying and blocking we then joked that we were dancing the dance of the enders. Me and him then reported to Alrea that we had taken out 9,999,999,999 enemy soldiers before the battle was over.

               End of part 1

Will be waiting for Part 2 I guess :smiley:

:smiley: after I finish it

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